Non Cash Adjustment

Reduce your credit card fees. It’s simple.

What Is Non-Cash Adjustment?

With a Non-Cash Adjustment, the merchant’s list prices have a built-in cash discount. In other words, the merchant’s list prices are the cash prices. Customers who pay with credit and Signature debit cards do not receive the discount and will notice a Non-Cash Adjustment fee on their receipt.

Business owners are required to display signage at the entrance of their business and at the point of sale and should also post both the cash price and the card price of each item so there is no confusion about how much an item costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, business owners who participate in the Non-Cash Adjustment program are required to display signage at the entrance and at the Point Of Sale. We make it simple by providing you the signs.

The amount varies depending on the business. Contact us to get the rates for your particular business.

You will typically save 80% to 100% of the CC fees

The short answer is no. We make it easy by helping you with how to present these payment methods to your customers.

Save money on fees.